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Employers' Council (EC)
The Employers' Council is a permanent organ of FNCCI working for the promotion of better industrial relation in Nepal. It is set up to provide varied services to the employers on industrial relation issues including labour law and industrial disputes. It basically aims to promote good industrial relation by maintaining a close relationship with the trade unions and the government. As a forum of employers, it presents unified opinion on labour law and industrial relation issues and organizes various activities on the related topics.

  • To work for the establishment of harmonious industrial relation aiming for high industrial growth
  • To promote competitiveness in the local, national, regional and international market through suitable labour market and labour law reforms
  • To work for the industrial efficiency, higher productivity and more employment generation by developing competent HRM
  • To work for the promotion and protection of legitimate interests of employers
  • To advocate the legitimate interests of the employers in the formulation of policies and making of labour law
  • To represent the employers in the local, regional, national and international forums on industrial relation issues
  • To mobilize employers in achieving the goals of FNCCI

Organization Structure
Employers' Council is one of the four councils working as a permanent organ within the organizational structure of FNCCI. FNCCI has five elected vice-presidents and one of them elected by the group of associated companies becomes the Chair-person of Council. Other sixteen members of the Council - 3 from Chambers of Commerce and Industries, 2 from Commodities Associations, 6 from Associated Companies and 5 from different sectors and groups - are nominated by the President with the consultation of Chair-person of Council. All the members of the Council have to be the members of the Executive Committee of FNCCI.

Secretarial Support
All the activities of Employers' Council are managed by the secretariat headed by Director, Mr. Hansa Ram Pandey along with six staff members.

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